Nick and the Fox video: Treating PTSD with EMDR and a critique of CBT

Jeremy Fox is a licensed counselor, who is an expert in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist, and has treated hundreds of patients. Jeremy has seen spectacular recovery from traumatic events, through this particular modality. Mr. Fox also speaks frequently about the different structures in the brain which control traumatic responses, and understands how PTSD and other anxiety disorders can affect men and women in different ways. Although he does not practice psychedelic therapy, we had a wide ranging conversation which followed up on the REBUS article I discussed earlier with Suspended Reason.

Critiques of CBT:

Maria Bamford, one of my favorite comedians:

The Antimemetics Division of the SCP:… (Lovecraftian, conceptual horror + classic Internet 2.0 culture)

South African medicine with Camillo Coccia (part 1 & 2)

We stuck two sessions together, testing the Anchor app stringing function. I think it worked fairly well. Camillo has a really interesting life story as a doctor in South Africa and I learned more about the horrific AIDS epidemic and how much it’s affected every other aspect of health.

Below are the two youtube videos that we recorded, but if you prefer to listen, here is the anchor app podcast link:

And here is the Spotify link, embedded: