Libidinal Economy and Orgone Theory with Matthew Gilinson

Matt and I discuss Wilhelm Reich, a disciple of Freud who eventually broke away and formed his own theories on psychiatry, the most influential of which was orgastic potency. This was a wild episode, had a lot of fun with it.

I. Libido – A basic definition of libido
II. Introduction to Libidinal Economy – A brief survey of the quantitative problem of libido
III. The Orgasm Theory – Part 1 – An overview of the orgasm theory and its development
IV: The Orgasm Theory – Part 2 – On the orgasm reflex
V: The Orgastic Function – Part 1 – The biomechanics and electrophysiology of the orgastic function
VI: The Orgastic Function – Part 2 – The recapitulation of the function in other expressions

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